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The first foal of the year.  March 2009

My first foal of the year hit the ground in March and it was the easiest one I ever delivered. Or not delivered. My sister did it all.

Some years ago the cell phone rang at work. " Michelle..static...auction. now.. great price.. Fuzzy sound... filly...half " click. 10 minutes later my sister informed me that I was the proud half owner of a chestnut filly.

We called her Squeek. Not a very royal name for pedigree that reads whos who in the cutting world. Very fitting for the miniature bomb shell that thought that cows 3 times her size, were the perfect toy to chase round the pasture. Eye to cow knee she pinned her ears, squealed like a stuck pig and dropped to her belly. Her attitude alone would convince a 1 ton lawn mower to flip his tail in the air and run away. As she got older she permitted a saddle and rider to accompany her on her God given right to terrorize the bovines of the world.

Last year the perfect stallion was chosen to sire the next generation. The deal was my sister would do everything but the delivery, that was the husbands or my job. Stallion arrived in a neat blue box. A drive-by vet visit and the foal was on the way. Rounder and rounder , day by day, then the due date arrived, and past and past.

In her usual fashion she waited until the completely inappropriate minute for every one. Sunday night, hours before the work week is to start. Less than 24 hours after the brother - in- law comes home from the hospital after major surgery. Sister is completely worn out, she has been on pre-foal stall cleaning watch for 3 weeks. I have poured my self in to bed after cleaning pens for hours. The night time phone reported " a drop of wax" no other changes. I figure Ha.. I got 24 hours.. My daughter laughs and calls jinx. Nasty child, I hate it when she is right.

Minutes to midnite, first phone call " she is twitching her tail" .. I head for the car.. " 2 minutes later phone rings again " it coming out! YOU are supposed to be here!!!!"... the efforts of a 9 minute drive presents me with a standing mare and damp " mini me" in the straw.

The as of yet unnamed " mini me" is truly a carbon copy. The first barn name of Angel went by the wayside with the first kick. She now cuts wind & chickens and heaven help the yearlings in the pasture when she gets out.