In order to serve our clientele Fa Ranch  has  a high quality reproduction collection facility and  laboratory.  It is designed for  collection and processing of stallion semen  for immediate use, fresh cooled  for shipping or freezing as the client desires.

Stallions - We are able to handle and evaluate incoming fresh cooled  shipments and receive,  store and thaw frozen semen for use on client mares. We are  an approved shipper with 4 major airlines and  utilize the top shipping companies for US and Canadian clients. We work with your  stallion and your mare owners to insure maximum chances for  the  mares getting in foal.

Mares - Fa Ranch has  facilities for the mare and foal as well.  From Foaling ( Foaling Book full  for 2009 ) to  managing  mares for shipped semen, insemination   and pregnancy confirmation we provide a safe professional environment.

We have some of the finest veterinarians with reproduction experience available for your mare and stallion.


The collection barn is designed with breakaway teasing walls so that  a stallion cannot get hung up. The phantom  is set  solid in the ground  with a no slip surface. The Kevlar surface of the phantom is able to be cleaned/sanitized  and replaced if needed.  Collections are done off the side of the phantom to reduce risk to the stallion. Stocks are available to protect vets and mares during  reproduction procedures.  The stocks are set so that a foal may stay at the mares head or side during any exam or treatment.


The lab is designed for easy use and temperature controlled for optimum semen handling.  All  fresh cooled shipments are sent using Equitainers. Frozen is stored and/or  shipped using top of line equipment.


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