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  UPDATE   APRIL 8TH 2006   The baby had her first baby 

A Conversation with a New Mother

Babies are here. After the long wait and sleepless nights our first foal of the year  hits the ground.

Scout is my "one-eyed mare." Not very complementary words for the most sociable, sweet, kind mare in the world. She is the type of horse that we have conversations with all the time. As you walk past her stall her head pops out and you swear she says, "What ya doing?" You just have to stop for a pet and a chat.

This is her first baby so we didn't know what to expect.

Monday night she started pacing and stomping, walking in and out of the stall, picking at her food. Little tight bag, tiny drop of wax. At midnight she finally went down and rolled on her side. The rest of the story is a two-sided conversation between her and Thom.

Thom walks in the stall and starts the conversation. "What a good girl, you are. You are going to have such a nice baby."

-- My belly hurts. Fix it. --

"Just lay there and push, I'll help you. Such a good girl. Pretty girl."

-- I'm tired. I have to push. Fix it. --

Thom at this point has to push the foal's head back so he can slip a stuck leg where it belongs.

"Don't push, don't Push. Ok, Push."

-- Oh that's better. My belly feels better. -

Thom now has a little brown filly in his lap. While he is fussing and scrubbing, Scout is laying on her side, not getting up, sides heaving. She finally rolls to her chest and turns her head back to Thom.

-- Thom, what's that? Oh, a baby. That's a nice baby. Thom, you have a nice baby. --

"Scout, this is your baby. You made a very nice baby."

-- Right!!! I know that's your baby. Don't be silly. I'm tired. --

"No Scout, this is your baby. You have to take care of her. See her, smell her and lick her."

-- Yuck! It's yours. You lick it. --

The filly is now standing and looking for dinner. Scout is still laying down. She has had a nice mash made for her, and now she has fallen asleep with her face resting in the bucket.

It's time to get Scout up and get the new filly her first meal. After a little convincing, we get Scout standing and the filly headed in the right direction. Scout has been told to stand still but her ears are flicking back and forth.

-- Oh, that feels weird. Thom, I don't want to stand here. What you doing? Can I turn and look? Oh, it's the baby. I told you, Thom, it's yours. Why do I have do this? Well, at least I can see it now. Mmmmmm, smells nice. Maybe a little nose touch would be okay. Oh my God. It sucked my nose. It likes me. --

As we stand in the stall, you can see the light start to glow. Scout's eyes brighten. Her neck is bowed, her tail arcs over her back. Her head flies up and with a giant squeal and a buck, she dashes out of the stall.

-- Heeeeeyyyy, girls! Look what I got, It's all mine! It licked my nose! Thom says its mine and I get to keep it! --

The other mares have been hanging their heads over the fence for the last hour, waiting for their first look. As Scout bounces around screaming about her new find, they snuff and wander back to eat. -- Well, I guess she's going to keep it. --

Scout dashes back inside, screeches to halt, and takes a mouthful of tiny ear.

-- Mmmmmmm. It's mine. I can lick it. I can wash it. It smells so good. --

Another bounce and squeal, she dashes back outside.

-- It smells so good. It's all mine. It loves me. --

As I head inside the house, Scout is standing with all four feet frozen to the ground, her head hanging over the tiny brown pile sleeping between her front legs. A new gift brought into the world.

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